Digital Garden

Venus is a goddess who was born from a shell. She symbolizes beauty, love and art.

Lilith was the first woman, before Eve, created at the same time and from the same dirt as Adam. She demanded equality and resisted Adam's attempts to control her, eventually leaving him. Since Lilith was beyond male control, she has been demonized and cursed for standing up against patriarchy. Lilith symbolizes female power, sexuality and rage. She is also known as the black moon and represents our deepest desires.

The silk embroidery has been a part of the process of making the garden, the silk fabric repeats itself in the garden background. Lilith and Venus works as a core to the visual expression.

This space was created from the desire to make an interactive and visual space for creative exploration. The garden grows as new ideas come.

The objects and background are made of synthetic material, including 3D-graphics and manipulated stock photos to create an artificial experience of nature in a digital format. CSS-animations and different scroll speeds create an illusion of depth and weight, while different ambient sounds play depending on your position.

Graduation project in Visual Communication by Johanna Lundberg.

Music: Lithe & Free
Typeface: Masuria by Blaze Type

Thank you
Lithe & Free
Aron Kullander
Stefania Malmsten
Elin Wollin
Amanda Nilsson
Anton Lindqvist



Welcome to the Digital Garden, take a scroll around or click at one of the objects below.

  1. Fountains
    1. Birth of Venus
    2. Small Fountain of Shells
    3. Fountain of Plastic Lilies
  2. Green Snake Diamond Shell
  3. Flowers
    1. Liquid Shell Pearl Flower
    2. Pointy Shell Flower
    3. Lilith's Pearls

An artificial experience of nature made in a website context. Made of synthetic materials like 3D-graphics and manipulated stock photos.