Digital Garden is a digital interpretation of the garden; as a room and its function.

Created by: Johanna Lundberg
Music: Lithe & Free
Typeface: Masuria by Blaze Type

Thank you: Lithe & Free, Aron Kullander, Stefania Malmsten, Elin Wollin, Samsung, Amanda Nilsson & Anton Lindqvist.



Welcome to the Digital Garden, take a scroll around or click at one of the objects below.

  1. Fountains
    1. Birth of Venus
    2. Small Fountain of Shells
    3. Fountain of Plastic Lilies
  2. Green Snake Diamond Shell
  3. Flowers
    1. Liquid Shell Pearl Flower
    2. Pointy Shell Flower
    3. Lilith's Pearls

An artificial experience of nature made in a website context. Made of synthetic materials like 3D-graphics and manipulated stock photos.